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 Rooting Explained

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PostSubject: Rooting Explained   Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:42 am

Ok guys i will explain you what rooting really are and i will add some benefits,what you can expect from your rooted phone.There are many people there that are reading about rooting theirs devices on the internet,but all of them keep asking the same question,what a heck is rooted phone.Maybe some of you run rooted devices but you are still looking for some new ways to utilize it.Well lets start it

  • What is rooting?: First of all getting root or rooting your phone is the process of modyfing the your android operating system that is shipped with your device ( if you don't know what is operating system or os please read [Only admins are allowed to see this link]) to grant you complete control over it.

    This means that you can overcome limitations that the manufacturers put on your device (phone/tablet).The name root comes from the linux operating system world,where the most privileged user on the system is called root.

    Usually rooting is very simple and you can find it on google,for example just type ''YOURPHONEMODEL'' root and that's it,there are too many guides on how to complete rooting for your device/model/phone what ever you have.

    Root is not something that manufacturers and carries approve but they can't really prevent that from happening,because the rooting process usually exploits a vulnerability in the operating system code or device drivers and allows the user ''hacker'' (call it what every you want) to upload special program called su(su means switch user,many people think that su is Superuser but it isn't) to the phone/tablet.This program is one that provides root access to the programs that require it.

    Yet another program called Superuser Permissions is usually bundled with all of the root methods.It gives you a chance to approve or deny the applications root request with a simple Grant/Deny options,only you need is it to click it.Superuser Permissions replaces the root password with grant/deny options like i said but it is not very safe way,password is a password and there is not better security then it,but grant/deny way is much easier then typing the password every time you want to open application that requires root.

    Now rooting your phone can brick your phone,and your device could become nonfunctional,so i highly recommend you to learn all that needs to be learned,and be sure to not make any mistakes,or the second way is much easier,just if you have some friends that are good in this kind of stuff and they are experienced with it,give them your device and they will do the job Smile

  • Benefits from Rooting: Well after so much info i think you wanna know what is good from rooting my phone.Lets get started

    Well like on PC you can easy do the complete backup to your phone (after it's rooted) and save the complete backup on your SD card (external storage).Just imagine it like a hard drive on PC you can easy after that install custom ROM and if you don't like it,wipe it and complete restore whole system from SD card.This is one from the best benefits from rooting your phone.

    Second one is that you can save space on your phone,and add many applications that have not enabled move to SD option,you can easy put it in your external storage.

    With a rooted phone you can install custom ROMs in your phone without any problems,custom ROM means that can give your phone an
    entirely new look and feel. There are ROMs that can make your phone fly
    by replacing the kernel with hyper-optimized versions or even
    overclocking the CPU. The possibilities are nearly limitless and
    attempting to cover all of the features of all the ROMs available for
    all of the phones out there would be pretty much impossible.

    And the last benefit from rooting your phone is running the special applications that not rooted phone can't.I will post a little list list of special applications that I use.

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Rooting Explained

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