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 Certain HTC Phones: The Unrevoked Method

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PostSubject: Certain HTC Phones: The Unrevoked Method   Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:55 am

This tutorials is for user who are running HTC phones from 2010 and earlier,chances are you will need to use the Unrevoked tool.More specifically,Unrevoked roots the following phones:

  • Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible): You will need to downgrade Android before using Unrevoked.
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Wildfire (HTC Buzz)

    What will you need:

  • A computer thankfully,Unrevoked is available for Windows,Mac and Linux.So as long as you have a PC handy,you can run it.

  • Previously mentioned Unrevoked when you head to unrevoked's web site,you will see a list of phones.Click on yours and you will probably be presented with two options for traditional root,you will want to make sure you download the ''Unrevoked3'' tool,not ''Unrevoked Forever''. It will automatically detect your operating system (Windows,Mac or Linux),so just hit the download link to grab the appropriate version.

  • HBOOT Drivers (Windows Only): Windows users using Unrevoked will need to install a few drivers to get it working properly.Mac and Linux versions should be a plug-and-go affair.

    If you are running Windows (Mac and Linux users can skip this from reading) the first thing you will want to do is install the Unrevoked modified USB drivers.Download the drivers from the page which is Unrevoked Web Site and extract them somewhere you will remember.Turn off your phone,then reboot into the HBOOT menu by holding volume down button and then holding power button.You should boot into a white screen.Plug your phone into your computer via USB,and wait for your phone to say


    When it does,head to Start and search for Device Manager.Start it up and head to ''Other Devices'' , where you will see an ''Android 1.0'' device.Right click on it and hit Update Driver Software.Click ''Browse my computer for driver software'' and navigate to the folder you extracted earlier.Hit next and let it install.If you get any warnings,just hit OK.When you are done,and you should see the Device Manager now list's an Android Phone with ''Android Bootloader Interface'' under it.

    Next make sure your phone is in USB Debugging mode.Head to Settings > Applications > Development and check the USB Debugging box at the top

    Now start up the Unrevoked tool and plug in your phone (again,make sure to hit ''charge only'').It should do everything for you automatically.Make sure you wait untill Unrevoked says ''Done'' before unplugging your phone.If you open up your app drawer and see an app called ''Superuser Permissions'',you are done and can continue to flash custom ROMs,use root only apps and more.

    This is an official [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

    Enjoy your rooted phone Smile

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Certain HTC Phones: The Unrevoked Method

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